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Safety in Your Classic Vehicle

The aforementioned lack of safety features in a classic vehicle should make a driver that little bit more vigilant while they indulge in their hobby on the road.

For almost any petrol head, the allure of the classic car or motorcycle is a difficult one to resist, sparking up a warmth of nostalgia, a different feel in terms of handling and manoeuvrability, and offering an experience that is refreshing in its older essence.

But, with the glow of the classic vehicle comes the knowledge that you are compromising your safety by driving one. Depending on its age, a classic car or bike could be lacking many modern safety features that a driver would nowadays take for granted.

This goes for any classic vehicle, from an old Harley Davidson motorcycle to an ageing VW Beetle, a Greeves 380 Griffin to a 1950s Bentley; although desirable in their own inimitable ways, their safety standards are, in fact, barely up to scratch in comparison with their modern counterparts.

A cheaper insurance rate on a classic vehicle

Despite this, insurance rates can be fairly cheap for an aged vehicle, with specialist insurance companies that deal solely in the classic car industry giving out far lower premiums than a standard provider.

This is for a number of reasons:

  1. The classic vehicle generally has a low overall mileage.
  2. A classic vehicle owner will generally be more conscientious in caring for their vehicle than a standard driver.
  3. Owners are usually experienced drivers.

The classic vehicle marks itself out as not the everyday and, as long as you keep your mileage low and your chariot of choice in an above adequate state of repair, are cheap to insure.

Although there will naturally be a difference between the premiums on a motorbike and a car, the principle that a classic will be cheaper remains the same.

And, certain insurance companies, Hagerty and Adrian Flux being just two fine examples, will even offer discounts if you are a bike or car club member, dropping the price of your insurance to an even lower amount.

Applying safety measures to your vehicle

But, while insurance companies may see this form of travel as safer because of its scarcity of use, the aforementioned lack of safety features in a classic vehicle should make a driver that little bit more vigilant while they indulge in their hobby on the road.

With regards to cars, it would be a good idea to have seatbelts and air bags installed where possible.

UK law states that while a classic car doesn’t have to have seatbelts in it, it cannot be ridden in by anyone under the age of three without their implementation, so install any if you’re thinking of taking a kid along for the ride.

Your car can also be made incrementally safer if you implement various upgrades for your vehicle, including improvements to car lights, brake boosters and various other enhancements that could prevent an accident.

While motorcycles were never exactly the safest form of travel in the first place, there are still ways to ensure a more secure journey. Have your bike regularly serviced by a professional and ensure that all parts are operating at their optimal rate.

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