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How Can You Install Taper Bearings in a Car

These bearings are usually conical shaped and have an outer diameter that always decreases from one end to another. There are many different sizes for taper bearings according to the purpose, design and model. The wheel of a car continuously spins and therefore, bearings eventually wear out. In extreme conditions, they may even seize, but that is highly unlikely. If you are in the middle of the road and there is a need to install taper bearings, you can easily do it on your own. There is no need to call a mechanic as you will just have to use the toolbox which is present in almost all cars.

It is quite easy to install a taper roller bearing and in this article, we will tell you how you can do it on your own.

How To Install Taper Bearings In A Car

1) First of all, you will have to loosen the nuts in the wheel where you have to install taper bearings. The next step is to place a jack stand and lift the car. Now place the jack stand at the wheel assembly and lower your car on the jack stand. The next step is to ofcourse, remove the wheel from the car.

2) Now, you will have to use a socket wrench to loosen the allen fittings. It is important that you take the calipers off disc brakes. Carefully hang the calipers behind the wheel assembly so that you do not loose them. In order to expose the castle nut and cotter pin, open the wheel hub cover with a screwdriver. Now, pull the cotter pin out of the castle nut followed by removing the castle nut itself.

3) The next step is to take the disc brakes off the vehicle. The old bearing seal should be removed with a screwdriver. The inside should be thoroughly cleaned with a cleaning solution. Once you are done, let it dry completely. Take our the taper bearing from the new packet and apply some grease. You should put the bearing in the palm of your hand, and apply grease on the inside from your other hand. Grease will keep the bearing smooth and ensure that there is no rusting.

4) Now place the taper roller bearing in the hole and tap it to put it in place. Spread some grease on the side of the seal too. Now reinstall brake discs, castle nut and cotter pin one by one. Tighten everything until you are satisfied. Not even a single nut or bolt should be loose. Now install the wheel hub cover just as you replaced it. You should use a rubber mallet to do this. The calipers should be refastened to the disc brakes and the wheel should be put back on the car. Tighten the nuts so that the wheel is properly fixed. Make sure all the nuts are tight. Now remove the jack and you are ready to go.

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