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Finish quickly with your old car

You get sick of that old junk car that is no longer a sub and administrative procedures and the time and resources to spend in order to sell a car is not worth the cost of you to linger, or that your Time is more valuable to you than the amount you could derive from this transaction. So you want to give up your car without too much headaches but you do not know how or who to turn to. Know that you are not allowed to abandon or drop off your vehicle anywhere other than a licensed professional when you want to get rid of it, and then you are liable to a penalty of up to 2 years d Imprisonment and a fine of EUR 7,500.

To get rid of his vehicle, it will be necessary to entrust the vehicle to a center VHU (Vehicles Out of use) approved by the prefecture.

How to give away his old car free of charge

Can I give my old car free of charge? What are the steps to follow for a car donation ? Whether you want to make a donation or sell your car for parts, you have to know how this happens, because even when giving your vehicle, you are never safe from malicious people who will not hesitate to turn against you In case of problem. Be aware that there are solutions, but as mentioned above, you must be informed of your rights and risks.

Give your car to a professional

Some decide to give their vehicle to a professional automotive. How to do ? What documents are to be given or sent? Autocadre explains everything and gives you some tricks of pros and being completely safe from bad surprises.

Put your car to scrap: your obligations

One of the other ways to get rid of the vehicle is put the vehicle for scrap for destruction or for parts. For this, know that the law has changed since 2003 and that only authorized companies are able to destroy the vehicle. Consulting our tips will help you avoid pitfalls and limit costs.

Can you sell or give your vehicle without technical control?

Here is the question many people want to sell their vehicles, know that the answer is “NO”, the technical check of less than 6 months for vehicles less than 4 years is mandatory unless you sell your vehicle to a Professional of the automobile. No technical control , it will be impossible for the buyer to apply for new registration. Our article gives you a little more information about this obligation to submit the report of the technical inspection.

The sale of a rugged car

Sometimes we end up for various reasons with a damaged vehicle on the arms, sometimes with gray card and also without logbook, sales in these situations is much different potential buyers since there are far fewer. In any case there are solutions to be able to get rid of it, the simplest that will be to scrape it, the most complex where we will try to resell it for spare parts or to be repaired by A garage or a handyman. Be aware that there are certain conditions to be respected so as not to risk having even more serious problems after the sale.

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