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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Used Car

Everyone has a dream to own a brand new car. But, sometimes they may not be able to buy a new one as they are expensive. So, one option is buying a used car, which is cheaper. Buying a used car does not need to be bad though. You just have to be careful while buying. If you are considering used cars Shipley, Bradford has a good store with good condition used cars. Many buyers get scammed into buying an old car, which needs a lot servicing and repair. Here are certain things, which one should avoid while buying a used car.

  • Age of the car is the main thing to be considered while buying a used car. New cars may cost more, but money will be saved on repairs. If someone is starting to drive, then older cars are good choice, but even in that case a 4-5 years old car is highly recommended. If it’s just 1-2 years old, you won’t save a lot of money, and on the other hand, if it’s older than 7-8 years, then it might call for a lot of money on repairs.

  • Mileage is another factor to consider while buying a used car. If the miles covered by a car are high, then one should avoid buying such cars. Cars that have covered less miles will cost little more, but they will have a longer life.
  • Another thing to consider is the interior condition of the car. If the door handles are missing or the seats are torn, then it is not the right car to buy. Otherwise, one can negotiate the price down if he/she really wants to buy that particular car.

  • The car should be appealing visually. One should check for dents and scratches before buying. A nice car with small dents and scratches is repairable, but if it has got a non-repairable or huge dent then it’s better to avoid it. Tires should not be very old. Old tires ruin the look of the car, and usually need immediate replacement. Sometimes, some parts of the car may have rusted. So, one should be careful about rust and check each and every part before finalizing the deal.

  • Check for the brakes and other parts. Brakes should be smooth and should not make any noise. If the brakes or the car is making squeaky sounds, then it is an unsafe vehicle to drive. Before buying the car, one should go for a thorough test drive, and not buy in a hurry, just going by the external looks of the vehicle.

One should avoid leasing a car, unless he/she intends to write off the depreciation as business expenditure. Leased cars also have certain terms for mileage. If your car crosses the specified miles, you will be charged depending upon extra miles and it could be quite a costly affair. So, one should avoid leasing a car and instead buy one.

Buying a car does not have any limitations on mileage or usage and there would not be any hidden fees. So, buying a used car is always advisable rather than leasing one.

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